Bankruptcy law

We can count on a team of professionals specialized in insolvency proceedings, whether it be counseling the creditors, the party declared insolvent or intervening as bankruptcy trustees.

How can we help you?

The bankruptcy law team have vast experience in providing clients with consultation on insolvency proceedings and bankruptcies, offering services such as the following:

  • Consultation on the phases of pre-bankruptcy.
  • Reviewing and due diligence of nonperforming loans portfolios, analyzing the viability of any debt recovery and its subsequent management.
  • Study and preparation of application for insolvency, necessary or voluntary.
  • Sale and acquisition of production units.
  • Development of insolvency agreements.
  • Consultation on reinstatement actions and bankruptcy-related incidents of any nature.
  • Notice of bankruptcy credits, rebuttals and recognition of loans.
  • Consultation on the qualification piece in insolvency proceeding, against or in defense of administrators.
  • We attend creditor committees.
  • We act as insolvency administrator, designated by the court and auxiliary services.


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