Commercial and corporate

The team of professionals that form this department provide our clients with all types of consultations related to business law, commercial law and corporate law.

How can we help you?

Our objective is to provide the client with full and personalized attention to any issue raised, carrying out consulting that could include any of the following services:

  • Commercial advice on any scale, from entrepreneurs and startups, to family businesses, family offices, investment funds and property-owning clients.
  • Support and advice on investment and divestment operations with regard to any type of asset.
  • Consultation on the elaboration of any type of document or commercial claim.
  • Strategy development regarding the process of purchasing any corporate vehicle and its subsequent materialization, carrying out the process of due diligence until the elaboration of any necessary documents to make the acquisition effective.
  • Company operations with regard to mergers, divisions, liquidation or dissolution of businesses.
  • The establishment of any corporate vehicle, as well as the elaboration of settlements or pacts among partners.
  • Restructuring of incorporated businesses or groups of firms.
  • Business administration and compliance monitoring of formal obligations: authentication of the books, deposit accounts, etc.
  • Consultation on matters involving competition law and proceedings against any unfair competition or trade.
  • From a procedural and litigation perspective, we advise on the responsibility of the administrators or challenging corporate agreements, as well as legal defense in the face of judicial proceedings.


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