Criminal Law and compliance

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This departments provides many professionals with renowned experience in matters of economic criminal law, as well as regulatory compliance, resolving matters related to their field of expertise and offering the following services:

  • Legal representation, as part of the defense or prosecution, in all types of crime on the economic front.
  • Criminal proceedings concerning urban planning offences and territorial development.
  • Consultation on criminal proceedings related to false documentation.
  • Legal representation, as part of the defense or prosecution, in crimes against public administrations, as well as tax and social security authorities.
  • Consultation on matters of misleading advertising, disclosure of confidential information, fraud, misappropriation and improper management, as well as any crimes of a corporate nature, accounting or tax.
  • Assessment and analysis of regulatory control and the drafting of protocols for regulatory compliance, prevention of money-laundering and financing of terrorism.
  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of programs regarding risk prevention for legal entities.


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