Financial Law and restructuring

This department is composed of a group of professionals with extensive multidisciplinary experience in different fields of the law, with the objective of providing clients with consultation to design and carry out complex financial operations, as well as establishing strategies for the restructuring of debt, resolving any unbalanced situations.

How can we help you?

From the department of financial law and restructuring, we offer consultation to businesses, whether it be the debtor or creditor, providing services such as the following:

  • Consultancy on creditors in situations of insolvency, with particular reference to the counselling and legal defense of various financial institutions and investment funds in more than 1,000 declarations of bankruptcy around the country, in order to close deals that allow for the recovery of claims or underlying assets, as well as comprehensive monitoring of the situation until out of bankruptcy.
  • To avoid the eventual dismantling of the company, measures are taken: increase in capital, reduction in capital, accordion operations.
  • Negotiations with suppliers, creditors and debtors to reach standstill agreements, as well as novation of obligations and deadlines, that allow for the continuation of activity, subject to a new scenario and fulfillment of a developed business plan ad hoc.
  • Consultation on the refinancing of debt and securing of new financing channels via additional financial institutions, ICO (Institute for Official Credit), investment funds, family office, venture capital and strategic investors.
  • Comprehensive consultancy is provided to companies in situations of insolvency, salvaging their temporary situation via pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy institutions (bankruptcy refinancing, extrajudicial settlements of payment, agreements with creditors), seeking to overcome these issues reaching agreements with creditors, orderly liquidation allowing for business continuity or agreements with third party investors.
  • Corporate operations and/or structural change, with the aim of adapting the structure of the group or holding to the corporate structure considered most effective.


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