Industrial and intellectual property

This department can call on professionals with vast experience in industrial and intellectual property issues, as well as in laws on new types of technology. In close collaboration with the different departments in the office, we offer consultation to our clients regarding solutions to protect their economic interests with regard to their rights of industrial and intellectual property.

How can we help you?

The services, in which we offer comprehensive analysis and advice on matters concerning industrial and intellectual property, include the following:

  • Applying for the registration of distinctive signs to the Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Processing and tracking of the application for registration of distinctive signs, as well as the formulation of notices of opposition in light of any possible refusal.
  • Preparation, presentation and processing of objections, resources, applications for revocation, applications for cancellation and applications for reinstatement of eligibility.
  • Legal advice on procedures in defense of the industrial and intellectual property rights of our clients.
  • The drafting of all types of documents related to the right of intellectual property, such as licenses of transfer of rights.
  • Monitoring and control of the industrial and intellectual rights registered by our clients.


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