Land law and construction law

From our department dedicated to land and construction law, we offer solutions to our clients; investors, sponsors, construction companies and any other operators involved in the real estate and construction sector.

How can we help you?

A team of professionals with multidisciplinary vocation that, in collaboration with the rest of the departments and legal branches, offer consultation on the following matters:

  • Judicial analysis of active real estate and the existing contingencies in the event of any possible transfers.
  • Consultation on real estate transactions and drafting of necessary documents to implement said transactions.
  • Monitoring and control of portfolio of real estate assets for property-owning clients.
  • Negotiation of the purchasing and selling of active real estate, in pursuit of the best interests of our clients.
  • Consultation on financing processes in order to carry out real estate transactions and the drafting of necessary documents to obtain said information.
  • Consultation on matters related to property registry law, condominium law and mortgage issues.
  • Comprehensive advice is given to property developers (acquisition of land, negotiating with the agents involved in the construction, elaboration of reservation documents, down-payment, trading with private individuals, administrative management with the aim of obtaining all licenses and permits, drafting of horizontal division project and end of construction).
  • Consultation is provided to businesses in the construction sector, reviewing all types of contracts and documents.
  • Legal assistance with all types of procedures related to land and construction law, in pursuit of the best interests of our clients.


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