Litigation, arbitration and procedural law

In the department of litigation, arbitration and procedural law we offer solutions to our clients regarding the defending on their interests before the courts. Therefore, with the analysis of what action to take, as well as defending whatever action has been taken, we try and find a comprehensive solution to the client’s needs and demands, implementing the most appropriate procedural strategy in each case.

How can we help you?

Working together with the rest of the departments in our offices, the professionals handling the area of litigation, arbitration and procedural matters are able to provide a wealth of experience advising our clients on a multitude of sectors in the market.

In this area of practice, we have provided, among others, the following services:

  • Legal direction in all types of procedures of a high complexity, covering all the different legal branches such as civil, commercial, bankruptcy, criminal, labor and administrative law.
  • Consultation on debt claims, eviction proceedings, contractual or non-contractual liability.
  • Legal direction in enforcement procedures (payments, foreign exchange, foreclosures, execution of nonjudicial titles).
  • Reresentation in all types of arbitration proceedings, in addition to mediation in complex issues, with particular experience in the fields of commercial and contract law.
  • Consultation on judicial and nonjudicial settlements, or any kind of agreement as a result of judicial conflict.


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