Urban planning and administrative law

From the department of administrative and public law, we offer our services through highly qualified professionals that consult our clients on all kinds of procedures with the different public administrations, either to the defend the client before the authorities, or regarding the application of valid administrative legislation at all times.

How can we help you?

With personalized attention regarding the issues raised, and with the support of the different relevant departments, the following services are offered by the department:

  • Legal and planning analysis of real estate assets and exercising of due diligence.
  • Planning analysis of the development of projects, in all types of sectors and fields.
  • Consultation on urban planning and drafting of general planning instruments and derivatives, as well as drafting of urban management instruments.
  • Vast experience in management and processing of all types of urban licenses, permits, authorizations and any other administrative procedures.
  • Appearance before the Compensation Board, in addition to any recurring legal advice on all types of urban management authorities.
  • Consultation on any expropriation process.
  • Consultation on procedures regarding public procurement, subsidies and financial support, as well as administrative concessions.
  • Legal assistance in all types of administrative procedures and disputes: planning restrictions, sanctioning procedures, property claims in the face of authorities, etc.


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