Family business

Our commercial law department, in collaboration with the rest of the departments, is specialized in the managing and dealings of the particularities that might emerge from a family-run business, in which it is necessary to combine both the objectives of the business as well as those the different family members involved may have.

How can we help you?

Among the services provided to clients by our different departments in this sector are the following:

  • Drafting and designing of family protocols adapted to the particularities of each family business, with the objective of offering guidelines and a joint project to strengthen both the individual and collective capacity of all the family members, thus favoring continuity and improvement in the business.
  • Routine advice to the family business and management boards regarding any issue concerning company or corporate law.
  • Corporate restructuring of the company and different corporate groups that form part of the family structure.
  • Succession planning and management of wealth of the different family members involved.
  • Legal strategy that enables the optimization of resources from the different family lines.
  • Management and defense of the client in any corporate conflicts that could arise, seeking to achieve a consensual solution that, if possible, avoids lawsuits and belligerence among the different family members.
  • Elaboration of codes of conduct and rules of good governance for the family business.


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