Financial and banking

Our different departments count on a wide range of experience in advising financial entities, investment funds and servicers on the recovery of debt, as well as management of arrears. This entails preparation of the dossier and the liquidation of debt (if precise), judicialization, and intensive proactive monitoring leading to the adjudication and taking of possessions or payment via auction or settlement, either by NPLs or arrangements with creditors. We also offer advice to financial entities and individuals on any issue regarding the financial and banking sector, from anything strictly procedural or contractual.

How can we help you?

Among our special fields in this sector are the following:

  • Consultation and monitoring concerning the retrieval of any real estate assets for financial entities, as well as legal direction in any executive procedures and insolvency proceedings.
  • Legal direction in all types of recovery proceedings against financial entities due to the existence of unfair terms, base or floor clauses, invalidity of the purchase of financial products, warranty claims for money delivered by home buyers, as well as any other related legal procedure.
  • Support and advice on financial operations, including for financial entities, investment funds and individuals, implementing the appropriate tools for the question in case, as well as the elaboration and revision of legal documents expected to carry out the financial operation.


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