Real estate development and construction

Our different departments have offered their advice to a multitude of businesses and professionals in the real estate and construction sector, providing personalized attention and a comprehensive service regarding any issues related to this sector. Our clients are investment funds, real estate firms and professionals in the construction sector (major developers, architecture firms and construction companies).

How can we help you?

Among the services provided by our team in this sector are the following:

  • The negotiating process and the necessary subscription to financing to begin work on real estate development projects.
  • Consultation on the elaboration of all types of mandatory documents in the construction process and real estate marketing (construction works contracts with construction firms, architects, project manager; brokerage agreement and marketing; private purchase contract, DIA, etc.).
  • Legal direction in judicial proceedings related to the management, development and marketing of active real estate, from procedures for any claims in damages due to flaws in the construction, to legal representation against any claims for payment in relation to construction firms and subcontractors.
  • Real estate developers receive comprehensive analysis in the execution of real estate projects.


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