Real estate

With our diverse departments and areas of practice, we provide legal advice to our clients involved in the sector of real estate investment. This includes investment funds, family office and major property management companies, always seeking to maximize profits in all real estate operations, creating business opportunities and adding value to the client.

How can we help you?

The services in this sector cover, among others, the following:

  • Due diligence analysis and research of all types of active real estate (completed or WIPs) for its marketing or purchase.
  • Comprehensive analysis and advice on investment and divestment in active real estate. We accompany our clients in search of potential buyers and sellers, implementing the most efficient and appropriate structures of divestment or acquisition to obtain the best return on the project.
  • Consultation on the securing and negotiation of funding for real estate investment projects.
  • Urban development advice for the development of real estate projects, conducting all the administrative procedures and transactions before the administrations concerned.
  • The elaboration of all types of contract documents (buying and selling, option to purchase, deposits, purchasing of firms or production units, leases and leasebacks) to realize the real estate investment, with the designing of the taxation of the operation for greater efficiency.
  • Legal advice and constitution to SOCIMIS.


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