Retail and large surfaces

Our different departments have offered their advice to companies owning large commercial surfaces in terms of acquisition or active control of the asset, as well as the subsequent development and operation of said asset.

How can we help?

Among the services provided to clients by our different departments in this sector are the following:

  • Comprehensive analysis and advice on the acquisition of assets through the most efficient legal formula (buying and selling of property, acquisition of a stake in the asset, etc.).
  • Expert advice on the process of financing, when applicable, to materialize the purchase.
  • Legal review of the land-planning of the asset (planning qualification, permitted use of site, licensing situation, etc.)..
  • Comprehensive analysis and advice on the financial and registry situation of any assets (ownership, any taxes to be applied, possessory situation, leases, etc.).
  • Consultation on issues concerning the managing of private contracting of commercial areas (drafting and reviewing of lease contracts and assignments of space, novations and any additional documents, settlement agreements, etc.).
  • Consultation on any issues of an administrative nature and dealings with the different administrations involved (local, autonomous or state).
  • Legal proceedings regarding any revenue claims, eviction, termination of contract owing to non-compliance, as well as any type of legal proceedings related to the company.


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